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Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted Could Be the Racing Game I’ve Been Waiting For

NFS Most Wanted Ttile

If there was one racing game that I put way too much time into, one racing game that I could still go back to and play today (probably from start to finish again), it would have to be the first Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I first played Most Wanted on the PlayStation 2 and loved it, then re-played it on the Xbox 360 (easy 1000 Gamescore by the way) and loved it; possibly more than the first time. The cars, the bullet-time (speed breaker is what I think it was called), the open-world and especially the cop chases are what had me coming back for more. Toying around with the cops and trying to see how long I could go without being caught is where all of my post-ending gameplay came from.

So imagine my happiness when EA announced the next Need for Speed title, a remake in fact, of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Now triple that feeling when you include the fact that Criterion, masters of the Burnout series, are developing this one too.

I don’t possess the knowledge of the right combination of words to explain such a feeling.

Criterion is no stranger to the Need for Speed franchise. Having already done Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a game that was well received and introduced us to Autolog, they proved that they could do racing games that don’t involve traffic-checking, boosting for 3-4 minutes straight and causing thousands of dollars worth of damages at the cost of your precious car. I never played any of the old Hot Pursuit titles, so I have nothing to really compare Criterion’s version to, but I liked what Hot Pursuit offered. If anything, I thought it was only missing some Need for Speed style takedowns and a more open…world. But by the look of the Most Wanted remake, Criterion seems to be adding in those two very things. And I’ve heard/read that some people don’t want Need for Speed to have more Burnout-style stuff in it, but I think Need for Speed can still be its own thing despite having some similarities with Burnout. Really, if Criterion wasn’t making Most Wanted and it still gave off a Burnout feeling, then I’d have a problem with it. The Burnout series is Criterion’s thing; let them take what they want from it. I trust them.

What would be nice to see from Criterion would be car customization. I’ll admit, I kinda missed being able to add decals and improve my car’s performance in Hot Pursuit; although, clearly not enough to keep me from enjoying it. At most, customization would be much appreciated, but not required. [Criterion, you should still look into adding that if you haven’t, though]. On the upside, I do like what I’ve been hearing about the multiplayer for the game. From what I’ve gathered, the open-world will be open to everyone in the party and you’ll be able to mess around for a bit before a specific gametype pops up and you’ll all have to race over to it and commence with the race. My short explanation doesn’t do the mode justice, so feel free to check out Gametrailers’ interview with Creative Director, Craig Sullivan as he details and shows what the multiplayer is all about.

We still have to wait until October 30th to get our hands on Need for Speed: Most Wanted (maybe we’ll get a demo of some kind before then?), but I’m excited to get more Most Wanted in any form possible. And with Criterion behind the wheel (sorry, that pun was unavoidable), I don’t think we really have anything to worry about. Except whether or not Cross and Razor Callahan are going to be in it; which they totally should be. Cross has a pretty sweet car if I remember correctly.

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