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New Teddie Nendoroid is Un-BEAR-ably Kawaii!

Teddie Feat

Joining Yukiko Amagi in the super popular and adorable form of Nendoroid is the Persona 4 mascot character Teddie. He will come with his human and bear suit with the latter featuring different faces (angry, smiling and worried), the human face won’t include any extra expressions.

Good Smile has gone the extra mile with this one as I would’ve thought they would include more faces or a detachable head with the human face underneath but to include a whole bear suit that attaches onto the human body is pretty impressive. Teddie has never been my favourite Persona 4 character, in fact he’s one of my most disliked due to his mascot like nature but from watching Persona 4: The Animation his character has grown on me.

The quality of Good Smile Nendoroid are very high even in the figures market but for the new collectors out there I suggest staying away from eBay auctions and crappy Chinese looking sites as there has been a glut of fakes running around the net especially of Miku. The Teddie Nendoroid is available for pre-order and will be released in November of this year at $50.

Via [Good Smile]

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