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Only 20% of Players will Finish Hitman: Absolution


Hitman: Absolution director Tore Blystad has come out with the prediction that only 20% of players will see the final level of the upcoming game, adding that “It’s horrible to know. It makes the people working on it really really sad.” This realization has come from the increased use of metrics in measuring player activity within games. Blystad explained that Absolution was designed for players to go through each level numerous times, exploring all their options, not just barely completely one play through.

Blystad also spoke to the idea that maybe the best levels should be moved forward in the game in order for more gamers to experience them, saying:

It’s very difficult when something is constructed to fit into a larger story to move things too much around. I think in some of the previous Hitman games that that might have been the case – that some levels were moved earlier, because they were more catchy or interesting. For us it hasn’t really been that easy, because the story is really tying all the levels together, so they’re still coming in the same order, more or less, that they were designed.

IO Interactive and Blystad are still confident in Hitman: Absolution‘s potential to retain a player’s attentions though. In the tests they have been performed, players have spoken highly to the game’s replayability due to action or humor worked in throughout.

Hitman: Absolution is slated for a November 20th release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

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