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Top 10 Characters We’d Like to See in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Playstation All Stars Top 10

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is one of our most anticipated releases of 2012. A game that would rival Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. but with Sony characters instead? Sign us up! Since not all the characters have been announced yet – and with more coming via DLC (which is dumb) -, Default Prime has decided to speculate/wish which characters should join the ring of Sony elite. To make the list, the character must not already have been leaked/rumoured and not have a character representing their respective franchise already (sorry Snake but Raiden has taken your place), though we do allow spin-offs. And finally, when you think of that character, you must instantly relate it back to a Sony PlayStation, be it 3rd party or otherwise. So let’s start the countdown:

#10 Lammy from UmJammer Lammy (PSX 1999)
Life is hard when you’re a 2D Lamb with severe neurosis, living in a town full of weird mentors ready to teach you the ways of the world to the sound of rock and roll. But like her predecessor Parappa, Lammy conquered her fears through rhythmic button presses and the unforgettable tag line “Dojo, Casino, it’s all in the mind”. UmJammer Lammy was a spin off of Parappa the Rappa focusing more on the six string rather than spitting lyrics. She joins in the list at no. 10 as despite our love for Lammy it is very very unlikely she will join the crew of All Stars as Parappa has taken the centre stage representing the 2D posse. Maybe we will see her as DLC or a costume for Parappa or maybe it’s just all in the mind.

#9 Welkin Gunther from Valkyria Chronicles series (PS3 2008)
An overlooked gem exclusive to the PS3, Valkyria Chronicles has one of the most vibrant worlds to grace any system with it’s watercolor inspired graphics and altered look on World War I. Leading the oddball group Squad 7 is Welkin Gunther, an University student who swaps book smarts for military tactics. Welkin is a commander first and a soldier second but that doesn’t mean he is completely harmless. Commanding the troops of Squad 7 would be his bread and butter attacks, excelling at long range but weak short range. We feel his goody two shoes leadership would provide a fantastic contrast to the antagonistic Colonel Mael Radec from Killzone. His level 3 finisher would be an all out bombardment from Squad 7 onto the stage.

#8 Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2 2002)
This was a tough one to choose as GTA has always been a staple to Sony console but the difficulty is which protagonist to pick. In the end went with the Scarface wannabe Tommy Vercetti. He has the martial skills as “The Hardwood Butcher” and long range skills with a myriad of firearms at his disposal. Being the king of Vice city he wouldn’t be without his Vercetti cohorts coming in to liven up the party. As a finisher we can have the whole gang roll in for a drive by with Tommy shouting “Tommy Vercetti remember the NAME!”

#7 Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII (PSX 1997)
Out of all the Playstation Final Fantasies why would we pick Cloud? Well, because at the hint of anything VII-related, you can guarantee a 10% boost in sales. Take Advent Children for example; that film was garbage to anyone who didn’t play Final Fantasy VII and was only really made so we can see Cloud and Sephiroth fight again and it sold loads of copies just for that one 10 minute fight scene. With his buster sword and materia at hand, Cloud would serve as a slow moving jack of all trades with his finisher being the famous Omnislash and don’t worry fangirls he can also have a DLC skin to look like Zack Fair.

#6 Wander from Shadow of the Colossus (PS2 2005)
The embodiment of every hero wanting to save his princess, Wander and his loyal horse Agro set his eyes on taking down 16 colossi to revive a loved one. Shadow of the Colossus made gamer’s question their quest as they were fully immersed in a bleak and empty world inhabited only by giants and shrouded voices. We feel Wander would play as a very agile fighter who excels in climbing and jumping while equipped with a bow and sword for powerful downward stabs. His finisher would have dark clouds emanate from his body to produce colossi to deal massive damage to opponents and destroy the whole stage for a brief period of time.

#5 Kat from Gravity Rush (PS Vita 2012)
Gravity Rush – or Gravity Daze if you are Japanese – is an early must-have game for the PS Vita and provides us with the no.5 spot. Kat is a girl with the unusual ability of defying gravity and only being able to use her legs in combat, we assume her hands are for more delicate actions like petting cats and eating apples. Gameplay wise we would think she would be a close ranged combat chick but specialising in rush downs and hit and run tactics akin to her changing gravity powers with the passive ability to stick to surfaces like spiderman. Honestly we would like to see Kat step out of the portable world and into a home console since Hekseville is a town that deserves the HD treatment.

#4 Ethan Mars/Norman Jayden/Madison Paige from Heavy Rain (PS3 2010)
David Cage’s magnum opus was one of the PS3’s tech demos that caught our eye back 2006. A thriller game that didn’t have wisecracking heroes or hardened soldiers, just a family man desperate to save his son and uncover mystery of the origami killer. We put all three characters on the list since we don’t think individually they could succeed against the likes of Drake, Kratos or even Parappa but if they joined up like Pokemon Trainer in Brawl then they might stand a chance. Possible moves would have Ethan Mars shouting Jason and Shaun until your opponent gets annoyed enough to rage quit, Norman Jayden with an army of blue tanks and Madison Paige who can awkwardly sleep with strangers and subvert plot holes.

#3 James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 (PS2 2001)
Hero to one of the scariest games of all time, James Sunderland experienced Silent Hill as you have never seen it before. As a person he is very much human having to face his troubles as they take on physical forms in the lakeside town. His moves in All Stars will revolve around using weapons picked up throughout the game though his fighting skills aren’t down to strength or techniques. We feel that since James’ troubles are manifested into monsters he should be able to summon them in All Stars with his finisher being the almighty Pyramid Head. The gore and rape may need to be turned down a notch for the kiddies though.

#2 The Prince from Katamari Damacy (PS2 2004)
How is the Prince NOT in All Stars? The moves are there, have him roll up a katamari until it gets big enough for his finisher where any player trapped in the katamari is turned into a star by the King of All Cosmos. The “of All Cosmos” lineage runs deep so why not have one of the many cousins help out with their own little katamaris to trap opponents ready to be rolled up by the Prince. We also feel Noby Noby Boy should make an appearance as an assist character. He would stretch and weave and knot himself all over the stage providing more obstacles for combatants, but beware the mouth of Noby Noby Boy as you might be eaten and changed into a half toucan man!

#1 Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us (PS3 2013)
Coming in from left field and taking first place is the unlikely duo surviving an apocalypse Ellie and Joel. True we don’t know much about them or even if they will remain exclusive to the PS3 but Naughty Dog has us pining for more information on the two survivors. In fact not knowing anything about them makes us want them in All Stars even more so we can get our hands on them sooner. We imagine Troy being the main brawler out of the two with his street fighting take downs and proficiency with handguns with Ash coming in for sneak attacks. With the huge splash they made at last E3 during Sony’s press conference we are confident that once the game is released they will have a place alongside Sony’s regulars like Drake and Kratos which is why they are our no. 1 characters we’d like to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Anthony is an Editor at Default Prime along with being the Manager and Engineer of their weekly podcast the Primecast. A Fighting Game fanatic, he could talk your ear off about Back to the Future, One Piece and Scott Pilgrim. Currently he is a British bound Pharmacy Undergraduate.

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