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Primecast Episode 29 – Metal Gear Primecast 2: The Sons of Video Game Sequels

Primecast 29

In the words of Big Boss “Kept you waiting, huh?”

YES it’s time for a brand new episode of Default Prime’s Official Podcast the Primecast! Today Alex and I discuss a whole bunch of news concerning Metal Gear, The World Ends with You and the $600 release of RE 6 on eBay. And for the second half we delve into a heated discussion about game sequels, prequels, spin offs and how they can affect the franchise they are made from.

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Anthony is an Editor at Default Prime along with being the Manager and Engineer of their weekly podcast the Primecast. A Fighting Game fanatic, he could talk your ear off about Back to the Future, One Piece and Scott Pilgrim. Currently he is a British bound Pharmacy Undergraduate.

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