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So Are We Getting A The World Ends With You Sequel Or What?

TWEWY Teaser Site Background(small)

Last month, Square Enix made The World Ends With You fans halt everything they were doing due to the appearance of a countdown site that was styled in the same way as TWEWY. A full week of waiting was required until Square Enix would reveal what they were up to, but that countdown site may have been the most refreshed webpage of that week. Needless to say, people got excited. It had been four years since TWEWY originally released on Nintendo’s DS handheld and became a beloved title by many. Could Square Enix be gearing up to announce a sequel or a port to the 3DS or Wii U? Oh, how people yearned to learn the truth.

It was later leaked that an iOS version of the game was in the works and the excitement died down a little. But, surely, Square Enix wouldn’t go through all this for a simple iOS port? And that much was true; they wouldn’t. They also had a soundtrack planned! (I imagine that Square Enix ‘dropped the mic’ and waited to be assaulted with praise and cheers, at this point.)

A whole week of waiting amounted to something that very few (or no one) were looking for. Personally speaking, I was pretty disappointed and my opinion of Square Enix dropped a few points.

So, the iOS Solo Remix came out and people went on with their lives; many with music from TWEWY set to repeat on their mp3 player of choice (as they should). Then…this video happened and people discovered the below image:

So…is there a new The World Ends With You-ish game in the works? Because maybe, just maybe, Square Enix should’ve saved that countdown site.

Square Enix, you put up this countdown site for only an iOS port, let people find that picture at the end of their game (after who knows how many hours of work), then don’t say anything as the excitement slowly starts to build back up again. Why? What are you doing? What’s the game plan here? Do you realize that you may have already missed the perfect chance to reveal…whatever it is that secret ending picture is a part of? The girl in the picture is clearly wearing headphones (like Neku) and carrying around Mr. Mew (like Shiki) in front of a big building that says ‘A New 7 Days.’ Get to the announcing already…again.

They’re waiting.

How long do we have to wait this time? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but you guys tend to take your sweet time when it comes to talking about (and releasing) the games that people really want. Nevermind the fact that we’ve been let down once already, but I, for one, would love to see how you go about announcing this one.

Point to all of this: It’d be really nice of you, Square Enix, to weigh in on this within a reasonable amount of time.

Kyree didn't have an N64 or Dreamcast as a kid (so sad) and he doesn't remember finishing any of his PlayStation games, but skip to the PS2/GC/Xbox era and everything changed. He hasn't been outside to play tag in forever, but he can recall playing way too much Smash Bros. and even more Kingdom Hearts; seriously, he can recite lines from it. I think he may have a problem.

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