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Primecast Episode 30 – Default Prime POWER!

Primecast 30

After a very long hiatus we are glad to announce the return of the one and only Lucas Hahn back onto the show. Alex and I return from last week after becoming the sons of video game sequels. It’s like being a son of Big Boss but without the back stabbings and sibling conflict.

Awaiting your ear drums in this week’s Primecast is news on Ubisoft dropping DRM, Valve’s $100 fee for greenlight and G4 undergoing a change to appeal to a greater market. After the break you can enjoy a conversation about Game manuals, Game guides and finally Game magazines especially the famous Nintendo Power which will have their final issue this December.

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Anthony is an Editor at Default Prime along with being the Manager and Engineer of their weekly podcast the Primecast. A Fighting Game fanatic, he could talk your ear off about Back to the Future, One Piece and Scott Pilgrim. Currently he is a British bound Pharmacy Undergraduate.

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