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Primecast 34 – Immersion in Video Games

Primecast 34

Hey Primecast Listeners! I hope you are ready for a new addition to the Primecast family because a wild reviewer named David Galanter has appeared and he is ready to talk about video games! Alex Carlson, Matt Buckley and I round out the rest of this week’s crew.

This week we discuss Cliff Bleszinski leaving Epic games after 20 years of service and the none stop Resident Evil 6 news that has been pouring out of the internets this last week. After the break we discuss the titular topic of immersion in video games including what breaks immersion, does motion control detract or enforce it and do all genres of games require the player to be immersed.

I’m sorry for the lack of pre-show music and post show banter as the file crashed my computer when I was editing it, like 5 times. I did however manage to put in GO!GO!7188’s Jet Ninjin into the show, so that’s a bonus.

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Anthony is an Editor at Default Prime along with being the Manager and Engineer of their weekly podcast the Primecast. A Fighting Game fanatic, he could talk your ear off about Back to the Future, One Piece and Scott Pilgrim. Currently he is a British bound Pharmacy Undergraduate.

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