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The opening moment of Anna, a point-and-click horror by Italian developers Dreampainters, displays to us an ideal setting for a local folklore tale. There is only the briefest of introductions before you take control of a man who has arrived outside a sawmill in search of answers to nightmares he has been having. The bucolic environment, with its towering trees and swiftly-running creek, is a soothing locale before you’re plunged into the dark madness of the sawmill. However, this great contrast between the opening scene and the remainder of the game is just a pebble of quality among boulders of problems.

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First introduced to gaming with Wolfenstein 3D, Daniel has never looked back. He still returns to the old classics while enjoying the current generation, and beats every game he can get his hands on. In addition, he loves to read and write and is an avid follower of sports and martial arts.

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