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PrimeCast 41 – Paired up for PrimeCast

Journey Screenshotplay 14

Batman and Robin. Thelma and Louise. Alphabet and Soup. These are just a few of the perfect pairings in our world that bring us joy and, this week, we’re about to introduce another one.

This episode of PrimeCast features our Editor-in-Chief Alex Carlson and Myself (David Galanter) discussing the recent announcements at the VGAs, a mysterious trailer showcasing someone who looks a lot like Solid Snake, and yet another delay to a sequel of one of our favorite videogames.

Stick around for our second-half discussion as we talk about the mainstream impressions of gaming and how the recent VGA winners have possibly broadened the attention of non-gamers.

Download the episode here!

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Little David Galanter grew up in Orange County, CA loving videogames and anything else that repelled girls. After getting his Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts, David decided to start contributing his soft silky words to the world via online media. He currently owns a website with a weekly podcast ( and is a reviewer for Default Prime!

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