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E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog


Welcome all to Default Prime’s LiveBlog of the Microsoft Conference for E3 2013.  Will we finally see some games?  What about Microsoft’s departure from the XBox Live Arcade?  Will Microsoft find another way to piss off customers, or finally appease the fanbase?  Stick to this blog today to find out just what Microsoft is thinking as they announce the future of XBox gaming. Look forward to all this and more as we liveblog the conference.

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And that’s the conference.

Microsoft needed to come out swinging after all the recent bad imaging on the XBox One, and I think they did show that they’re still about the games for the most part.  There wasn’t anything totally overwhelming, we saw a little more of Quantum Break, and we saw the graphical prowess of the system, which was very impressive, everything looked pretty great.

Overall, I’d say they definitely did what they had to after the initial showing of the XBox One, but I’m not sure if they did enough to save all they lost before.  What about you?  Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

That’s it for Microsoft, Electronic Arts is up next.


It’s a shame I’m so burned out on FPS games, because it’s a beautiful game.  Looks like Mech control is also First-Person, so that trailer was a bit off in its representation there.


Titanfall1 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Titanfall2 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog


Ah, right, Titanfall.


An FPS, but also has a third person Mech shooter component…


ReSpawn entertainment…


One final exclusive to close…


Price point announced 499 dollars, this November.


Starting to feel like they’re wrapping up a bit…


Yep.  Halo, the first one for the Xbox One.  Will run at 6o frames per second.


I smell Halo…

Halo E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog


Missed what that last one was called but it was all in-game engine rappelling down to kill a bad guy.  Looked awesome.


Called “Below”.  Kind of looks like a modern take on Gauntlet.


Phil Spencer is back to introduce another exclusive…


This guy STILL looks pissed about the game not starting properly.


BF4 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog


If war could ever be considered visually beautiful, it would be through this game.


Dice, as always, has outdone themselves again, Battlefield 4 looks amazing.


Technical difficulties, here’s a picture of the Witcher.

Witcher3 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Looks like Microsoft had some technical difficulties showing off Battlefield 4 as well.  I wonder if it was a lapse in their internet connection…


The Witcher 3 with Kinect.  Claims to be “Easily 100 dollars worth of content”… oh please don’t tell me you’re going to try to sell this game for 100 bucks.


Luckily, it appears they are still too stupid to climb on a car or van you might be on top of.


A billion zombies vs one guy with a wrench, these games are always insane.


Dead Rising 3 announced.


A new Panzer Dragoon looking game from the makers of Panzer Dragoon called Crimson Dragon is coming out, looks nice, but there was no sound…


XBoxBroadcast E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

You can now have more than 100 friends and use actual currency on XBox Live.


Broadcasting can be done live on Twitch TV just by saying “Xbox Broadcast”.


Ok, Sony definitely needs to put something like this Upload Studio into their sharing system.


Killer Instinct:  Ripping off Hadouken since 1994.


Game DVR sounds interesting, especially if you can edit and share as they say.  Could be good for the LP industry.


Time for a Montage!


Game looks fun.  This is the kind of thing I wanted to see from Microsoft today, fun GAMES.


One player can create the landscape while another actually plays the game.


Must everyone trying to play with Kinect sound so over the top?  NICE MOVE ROCK MAN!


Project Spark seems to be some sort of “game maker”.  Sony would eat this kind of thing up for their Play-Create-Share program.

ProjectSpark E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

This guy just put together a game environment with his voice, because you know, everything Kinect.


If all studios under Microsoft are called Microsoft Studios, how do they tell them apart?


Quickly followed up by a very unique/quirky looking title called D4, a trailer, but no real details on that.


QB1 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog


A shot of the game running in real time.  WOW.

QB2 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog


Quantum Break developer Remedy up next, here’s hoping for some concrete details on this intriguing title.


Minecraft 360 is coming to the XBox One.


Phil Harrison coming out to talk about Microsoft still looks bizarre to me.


Gotta say one thing, the Forza team always knows how to make a beautiful looking car game.


Forza 5 comes out by unveiling an actual car.  What conference am I covering again?


If it’s got a wacky gun, it must be Insomniac.

SunsetOverdrive E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Zip lines remind me a bit of Bioshock Infinite.


Nice, not a driving game.


Killer Instinct returns, but even bigger, WOW. Insomniac shows up to Microsoft to introduce a new title called “Sunset Overdrive”.


I keep waiting for a massive god/monster/thing to show up…


Ryse3 E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Combat looks fun and visceral as hell.  This picture does it no justice, either.


Brand new IP:  God of War.

Ryse E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

I mean Ryse.


Phil Spencer is up next to talk about Microsoft Studios games.


Ah, because it was.  Dark Souls II.


Up next:  A very Dark Souls looking game.


I missed the developer name, someone out of copenhagen making a very DreamWorks animated looking game about wishing your brother away and then going to rescue him called Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.


World of Tanks free to play, this summer on the 360.


World of Tanks video is played, game looks interesting, but reminds me of a next-gen version of the Atari 2600 game, Combat.  World of Tanks is just that.  Tanks blowing up other tanks everywhere.  Could be lots of fun.


I will say the visuals in this game are freakin amazing.  I wish I could show you, but the feed on doesn’t want to cooperate at the moment.


Microsoft opening up with an open-world Kojima/Konami game on horses.  #RedDeadMetalGear.


Word has it that the conference has started, but it sure hasn’t yet on


Not much of a surprise, but the target for release is “November”.  Hopefully a more exact release date will be announced during the conference, in just a mere 10 minutes.


BMaMuQACIAARJmr E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Green as a cold, refreshing Mountain Dew.  Image courtesy of @ElisaRockDoc, since she’s got one of the best seats in the house.  We’re only about half an hour away now.  Will they open with a montage?


wow E3 2013 | Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Conference will be underway in less than an hour, make sure you have your Doritos & Dew.  #Fratbox One.  Microsoft you better be looking to impress, because this should not be a thing.


Come back here at 9:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Eastern to watch it all unfold!


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I'm glad they spent a lot more time talking about games, but I didn't hear the word "exclusive" very much. Some stuff did look solid, though, like MGSV and Titanfall, but sounds like even Titanfall is coming to PC. Surprise from Killer Instinct, but that's not a console-seller. Twitch partnership is a big deal.

$500. Ugh. Not really surprised but not thrilled, either. And they certainly didn't want to touch the controversial elements, especially the DRM fiasco. Not a good sign that they cancelled their post-conference roundtable.

So yeah, we saw games, but the important questions are still hanging in the air.