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  • Pikmin: Forest of Hope

    This week we had our much-enthused listener “OlimarAndThePikmin” unsurprisingly suggest the song “Forest of Hope”, from the cult-classic Pikmin, on


  • Starfox Assault: Starwolf Theme

    This week we had a suggestion from listener “Rogueyoshi64” for the Starwolf Theme from Starfox Assault. I hope you all


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  • "Still baffled that Call of Duty Elite is still a thing."
  • "Magic."
  • "While I stated earlier that I'm a little apprehensive about the controller, I AM super stoked that the WiiU will bring full HD graphics and will improve on things that the Wii really screwed up (internal memory, etc)"
  • "Wow... like you said, I don't think the name could be any worse, but the concept is really interesting. I'm super excited for it, but at the same time apprehensive about how well the touch screen is going to work when gaming. Another thing that comes to mind is how much the controller could possibly cost as well as the console. I mean, I don't think touch screen technology is that cheap yet, and I wonder if that is going to really affect the console in any way."
  • "It's definitely nice to see the advancement of the Kinect technology move beyond what we've seen thus-far, which in my opinion, is just the casual and party games that are prominent on the Wii."