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  • "I'm glad, I mean sure its not mind blowing but 270k units is pretty decent for a new IP. Hopefully it will keep selling over time like World at War did and eventually break at least 500k units. .-= Oculin´s last blog ..TheSpeedGamers Resident Evil Marathon for Diabetes =-."
  • "They usually charge $19.99 for these collections, $29.99 at the most. .-= Oculin´s last blog ..Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter One Launch of the Screaming Narwhal Review =-."
  • "Oh the power of money. Sure they have the right to complain, but their complaining to the wrong people. Activision knows their all going to buy it anyway. Plus, TIMED exclusive. You are it you will have have to wait. If you don't like it buy a 360, which is exactly what Microsoft was trying to make you do in the first place. If you need to complain to anyone, complain to Sony for not putting up enough money for it."
  • "Defaultprime reports news from multiple sources, including some press releases we receive and from other websites that focus on video games in general which we source. When it comes to details about about certain subjects some times there will be limited information to work with so each post may be similar between websites. When possible we try our best to give our own opinion on news, issues, and games. I appreciate your criticism of our website in general and we shall try out best to improve if we see it fit. Our staff here at Defaultprime are group fairly young employees that are seeking practice and experience in journalism, web design, and more. Defaultprime and its owner allows our staff a chance to improve their skills in their own specific areas and at the same time keep our readers updated about the latest news in the video game industry and on other technologies. I agree with your point that the PS3 slim has yet to have a chance to show its performance in the market. Especially since the PS3 has been sold out in Japan the last week or so due to the old models not being produced anymore. One could question though if next week we will see any significant growth. We will probably need to wait for November and December months when we will see how well the PS3 and other systems will perform this holiday season. Thank you for your comment."
  • "I don't have a problem with special editions really, but what does bother me is the fact that there are two different special editions."