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Author Since: 2009-06-10 14:50:45
A part time gaming journalist and radio practitioner, and one of the first editors here at Default Prime, Mike has been gaming since birth, starting back with the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64, on through to the PS3, PC, and whatever comes next. He is educated in communications and is a project manager by trade.

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  • Do Want: The Division

    Oh, Ubisoft, you’ve done it again!  Just like E3 2012, you ended your conference with something that blew my mind. 


Comments Posted by Mike

  • "I agree, I have to think the price point for this will be significantly more expensive than the new "gamers" Nintendo created with the wii are willing to pay for."
  • "Yeah, between Gamescom and TGS I expect Sony to show a few of the things I mentioned above, I still think a big blockbuster announcement would've done them well at this venue, who knows, maybe it would've overshadowed Project Cafe, we'll find out in about 20 minutes or so."
  • "So...you're saying 3 cheers for PWE picking up Cryptic?"
  • "I agree, this is a decent price point for the set."
  • "I thought when systems got slimmer they got cheaper, too? Microsoft missed the memo on that apparently."