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Raised by a pack of wolves in North Texas suburbia, Derek Sommer has become a consummate writer, gamer, artist, and party fiend. Find him at the nearest whirling epicenter of fun to Lewisville, TX.

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  • Review: Crazy Machines Elements

    Do you like driving cars into garages? Does putting balls in shopping carts sound like the shit? Do you hate


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  • "I've always thought of Canada as the chill brother of the overachiever America, always sitting back and let America go crazy with international affairs and just be like "man, whatever you wanna do. I'm not gettin' involved." Canada hasn't really ever done anything crazy or particularly facinating, but that's not exactly a bad thing what with the peace of mind Canadians seem to have about their country."
  • "This is insane. Obviously, the money gamers hand to Notch gives him a contractual obligation to give them good game, but it's still HIS game that he worked hard to make for others to play, and he's in charge of it's continued development. Minecraft really is an unprecedented title. I have never seen such fervor for a game spring up so terrifically fast, and the gameplay is very addictive in a way I don't fully understand (I've logged my own hours into this game...). With college, I haven't been able to check in on Mincraft in over a month. I really wonder how their doing at the moment."
  • "It's true. The whole reason Square called the Final Fantasy series Final Fantasy was because that was what the first was supposed to be: the last."
  • "The one interesting thing about this is that Apple has yet to properly accept the potential the iPod Touch has as a gaming platform. When I was at Quakecon Carmack mentioned in the keynote address his own frustrations with the fact that while the iPod Touch and iPhone are such good gaming products, Mac has little concept of the gaming market (you may have noticed this in their PCs). Fortunately, some of the people at Id (and perhaps some other video game developers) has been hired at Apple. Carmack, at least, said that having someone from inside the gaming industry at Apple allowed him to better communicate the vision he had for the platform with the games that he was considering for it (including, of course, the Rage). Hopefully, this mingling of professions at Apple will result in a more robust gaming market for the platform."
  • "FINALLY, a comment! Thank you SO MUCH for voicing your criticisms! It is quite true that this is a poor article (even for me) and the many questions you pose are ones I should have considered, and will consider. With what I learned in my hands-on with the game this article actually does require revamping. I rushed it out the door without proper regard to thoroughness and quality, and apologize. The sentence you quote was a weak attempt at humor, again something of which I have much room for improvement. It's true that the opportunity I had with this hands-on has been wasted by what I have written. Again, I thank you for your feedback, Rowland, even if it is because you couldn't hold back your disgust."