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Video games were a part of Chris's life from the Mega Drive onwards. He has many happy gaming memories, including the first time he collected all the chaos emeralds in Sonic 2, collecting all SSBM's trophies (yes, all of them) and, more recently, collecting far too many platinum trophies on his PlayStation 3. In the real world, he has a degree in French and is currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. Follow him on Twitter @DPrime_Chris

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  • "Certainly wins the most convoluted game of the year so far..."
  • "I just watched it and can see why you might think so, but his arguments stem more from piracy and the reason why gamers might turn to that as an alternative to all the crap. My thought process was born from a growing frustration at how long and drawn out the process of playing a game has become; something that was highlighted by my recent experience with the speed I was able to play Rayman: Origins on my PS3 for the first time. Not all games are guilty of such time-wasting as I bring up in my article, but many of the most high-profile, large-budget games are the biggest culprits."
  • "Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes when that happened. If only they'd avoided the 32Mb patch 1.03 though. Oh well, step in the right direction. I'd even settle for optional installs, like Street Fighter IV had, so I can do it at my leisure rather than when I want to play."
  • "But not Bloodrayne Betrayal. Please god not that one..."
  • "Try using a spot of dragon shouting to get the bugger on his back."