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Author Since: 2011-05-05 08:33:44
Tom has been a gamer since he was a small child, spending his childhood glued to his TV, enjoying beating up imaginary people and blowing the heads of imaginary monsters. From the NES over Playstation to his current preference of gaming system, the almighty PC. In his 'free time', he enjoys a variety of martial arts, drinking, reading, and other boring stuff. And he's totally into rock music.

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Articles Written by Tom

  • Review | Resonance

    In the early 90′s, adventure games were a staple. Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Monkey Island, and tons of other


  • Review | Confrontation

    I recently had the honor of playing the action RTS/RPG hybrid  Confrontation. Cyanide Studio’s new game is set in a fantasy


  • Primed and Ready: Out of Space

    Years ago, when Mass Effect was announced, I was very surprised that Bioware were continuing down the road of the


Comments Posted by Tom

  • "As soon as this is released in Europe, I'm buying this. No question. I'll buy every piece of DLC as well."
  • "The comment above is from my good mate Alain. He seems to like my article. Awesome :)"
  • "It is getting tons of hate for a reason. I wanted to like it, but it is just not a good game. One level requires you exploring a strip club for a condom, popcorn and a vibrator. Seriously?"
  • "I started playing Amnesia half a year ago. I started it. Never finished. Couldn't bear to play the game for more than 30 consecutive minutes. It's that scary. But I'm gonna gather up all my courage and finish it in the near future. Cause when I'm done, I know I'll feel like a total badass ;)"