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Anthony is an Editor at Default Prime along with being the Manager and Engineer of their weekly podcast the Primecast. A Fighting Game fanatic, he could talk your ear off about Back to the Future, One Piece and Scott Pilgrim. Currently he is a British bound Pharmacy Undergraduate.

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  • "YAY! My Main Sakura made the cut. I really hope she makes it to consoles too even if it's via DLC. Although I wonder if she would be playable in tournaments as well since not every player would want to buy all the Vita Characters. And speaking of will the PS3 exclusive ones also be cut out of the Tournaments too? Regardless I'm prepping for my team of Sakura and Ibuki"
  • "Ah true I must have missed it since it was never released in the EU"
  • "I've always liked the giant boss battles of the Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon for the N64. Larger than life bosses that require you to summon your own giant mecha to do battle across the boonies of Japan. Oh and any of the Zelda games for N64 also. They were pretty awesome and sometimes scary/daunting in their own right when I was a kid, but now that I've grown up they aren't so much. Twilight Princess was a perfect example as even though the bosses were bigger and scarier my developed mind knew they had a hidden weak point somewhere that needed to be struck exactly 3 times to defeat which made it lose all the scariness and suspense. Also we have no bosses in common sorry Kyree"
  • "I want a monopoly dating sim next"
  • "But what about Sdatcher??? Maybe it'd will stretch back to the formation of the Philosophers and stuff"