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Kongregate App not coming back because “you can’t use their app store to distribute another app store”

It was only three days ago that popular flash arcade site Kongregate released their own App on Android applications that allowed users to navigate through a mobile version of their site and play all of the games that they want, and also utilize many of the capabilities that the site employs to desktop users.

Well, after the app got pulled and the company tried talking to Google about getting it back up, the response they got was definitely something that they didn’t expect, claiming that “you can’t use their app store to distribute another app store”.

Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate says that the App isn’t another app store, but rather just a browser to mobile-optimized version of the Kongregate site.

“[The app is] a browser,” said Greer, “you can’t see the address bar – but it’s a regular Android browser using WebKit. And WebKit loads the Flash file from the cache and you play the game in the browser, then you head back and you can play another game.”

It’s interesting to see Google finding such a problem with Kongregate’s app, but can’t even manage to have quality control and regulate anything that comes out on their own app store. The way I saw it, the Kongregate app was just an easy way to get some quality games to play on your phone, not hundreds that don’t even run, and are developed by somebody called “PlayStation”.

“We were just shocked. I’m not ready to say it’s a philosophical shift from Google; you could misinterpret our app and think those are all native experiences, but right now I’m just confused.” Greer later said “Our understanding is that this wasn’t even a gray area; that it was totally fine. And that’s why we’re so surprised.”

Well, that’s really shitty that Google would do such a thing to a great app from a quality Flash games provider, but I guess we can always wait until the version for the iPhone comes out.

Oh wait…

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