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Sony’s new stereo PS3 headset will cost $100

Many PS3 gamers will know that the lobbies of the online world are either:

A) Silent


B) Have one person with a very sensitive bluetooth headset allowing every noise in his house to boom out of your TV

The explanation for both of these scenarios is that the PS3 doesn’t come with a headset and the official bluetooth one is crap.

If you’ve been reluctant to buy a tiny little bluetooth headset then look no further* than Sony’s new 7.1 ‘virtual’ surround sound headset for the PS3.

For $100 you can have this… erm big headset complete with fold away boom mic from the September.

These ‘phones however, are not bluetooth and instead require one of your two USB slots to work via a dongle.


*My advice? Go with Turtle Beach X11s or PX21s, they may be wired but they do a fine job and are available right now for half the price.

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