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Sony’s E3 2011 Conference: Where was…?

Last night Sony showcased all of what we’re supposed to look forward to in the coming months for the PlayStation brand, and they truly had a solid conference.  However, while there were some great items showcased, such as Uncharted 3, the PS Vita, and more, I felt like as the conference started to wrap up last night, some things were missing, or left out.

Where was David Jaffe to talk about how cool Twisted Metal is looking? He tweeted just prior to the conference a snapshot of an ice-cream truck tricked out to be Sweet Tooth’s, but we didn’t hear jack after that, sure it’s not a surprise anymore that Twisted Metal is coming back, but isn’t that one of the most anticipated games for this year on the PS3?  Certainly Sony should’ve known to show that off, at the very least.

Where was anyone from Rockstar to talk about either Agent?  Up until recently no one’s heard a peep from Rockstar on this game when it was first announced by Jack Tretton at E3 2009.  Rockstar always puts out incredible games, shouldn’t details of this been showcased, with maybe a little alpha footage?

While I’m talking about Rockstar though…  There has been much rumor-mill chat about Grand Theft Auto V breaking at E3, where was that? How long will Rockstar make us wait until the next version of their magnum opus?  It’s been a long time since we’ve walked the streets of Liberty City, or even Vice City or San Andreas for that matter.

Team ICO had a brief mention with the Ico & Shadow of The Colossus remasters, but where was The Last Guardian?  This has been on gamers’ radar for a while now, and very little has been heard in recent months.

Where was the exclusive blockbuster that people were all supposed to stand up and say OH MY GOD SONY WINS!?  Yeah, they had some nice exclusive add-ons for SSX and Need For Speed: The Run, but there wasn’t an major coup this year, Cliffy B didn’t come out to talk about some crazy new FPS for the PS3, the team at Bungie isn’t talking about a multi-platform Halo game, and there was no Squenix representation for Chrono Trigger PS3.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t also ask,

Where was this guy?  Yes, Kevin is a fake executive made up by an advertising agency, but that ad campaign is a hit, and people truly look forward to each new development KB has to talk about.  We know that he was in the green room for the conference, why not bring him out to show off that one major OMGWTF moment we were all waiting for?

Oh, but hey, how about Jack Tretton’s tie, right?  That’s what we should spend a good 30 seconds talking about.  Nintendo, you’re on the clock, do you have what it takes to Win E3?  What about you out there on the interwebs, what did you think was missing from Sony’s conference last night?

A part time gaming journalist and radio practitioner, and one of the first editors here at Default Prime, Mike has been gaming since birth, starting back with the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64, on through to the PS3, PC, and whatever comes next. He is educated in communications and is a project manager by trade.

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