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Nintendo At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is this week and Nintendo is attending once again. Coming with them this year is a long list of games coming out for their different systems as well as a couple special events.

Nintendo 3DS:
•  Super Mario
•  Mario Kart
•  Kid Icarus: Uprising
  Star Fox 64™ 3D
•  The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D
•  Pokédex™ 3D
•  METAL GEAR SOLID® Snake Eater 3 D from Konami
•  Shinobi™  from SEGA®
•  Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition from CAPCOM
•  DEAD OR ALIVE® Dimensions from TECMO KOEI

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Kirby™ Wii
•  Rhythm Heaven™
•  Fortune Street™
•  Captain America™: Super Soldier™ from SEGA
•  Just Dance® 3 from Ubisoft®

Nintendo DS™ family of systems:
•  Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker™ 2

Nintendo will also be commissioning an artist to create a large scale chalk drawing for their Legend of Zelda franchise. It will be spread out over several days and will be held at Nintendo’s Gaming Lounge.

Fans are also welcomed to come to a Pokemon Black/White meet and greet to trade, battle, and take part in Pokémon giveaways, including a set of three Pokémon AR marker cards, pins, Pokémon cinch sacks and Pokédex 3D T-shirts.

Finally, visitors to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge can also take advantage of other activities and giveaways like collectible  Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards, posing for 3D photos in an oversized AR Card gallery, sharing StreetPass info with other Nintendo 3DS users and download treasure maps for  Dragon Quest XI: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

Kyree didn't have an N64 or Dreamcast as a kid (so sad) and he doesn't remember finishing any of his PlayStation games, but skip to the PS2/GC/Xbox era and everything changed. He hasn't been outside to play tag in forever, but he can recall playing way too much Smash Bros. and even more Kingdom Hearts; seriously, he can recite lines from it. I think he may have a problem.

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