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Dead Island – Fight Together Trailer

Dead Island is all about working together to survive; as any zombie shooter worth it’s brains should be. The latest trailer emphasizes on that by pointing out that the characters have to work as a group to make it out alive.

How a game looks doesn’t entirely matter to me as long as it’s good but do the animations for the faces look odd to anyone else?

Dead Island comes out September 6th. Get your electric machetes ready!

Kyree didn't have an N64 or Dreamcast as a kid (so sad) and he doesn't remember finishing any of his PlayStation games, but skip to the PS2/GC/Xbox era and everything changed. He hasn't been outside to play tag in forever, but he can recall playing way too much Smash Bros. and even more Kingdom Hearts; seriously, he can recite lines from it. I think he may have a problem.

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