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Dead Island Ships Over 1 Million in 1 Week

A famous trailer, a buggy release, a lot of pissed off PC players, saved games lost…

All that aside…

People sure do love their zombies, don’t they?

A press release from Deep Silver states that Dead Island has shipped more than 1 million retail copies in its first few days, and the publisher is working overtime to respond to stock demands.

The lengthy co-op standout has been spreading like wildfire lately, with positive reviews coming from all directions and fans becoming more addicted every day. Many people were predicting it to be a Fall standout, but how many saw numbers like these coming so quickly? Can the buzz be sustained with so many more anticipated games coming out in the near future?

Geoff Mulligan of Deep Silver speaks in a quote from the press release:

[quote]“We’re thrilled at the retail reception Dead Island has achieved in its first few days,” said Geoff Mulligan, Chief Operating  Officer at Deep Silver, “The critical ‘first week’ of game sales has been an enormous sales success for Deep Silver. We’re working quickly with our distribution partner in North America, Square Enix, to restock shelves as quickly as we can.”[/quote]

Mike Fischer of Square Enix adds:

[quote]”With more than a million copies sold, I feel good knowing that the world is now more prepared than ever for what to do should a real zombie invasion ever threaten humanity.” said Mike Fischer, president and CEO of Square Enix, Inc.[/quote]

Whatever happens from here on out, it’s safe to say that Dead Island is a bona fide success. Look for the Default Prime review this weekend!

Matt is a lifetime gamer from his humble beginnings with the Atari 2600. He is also the host of the Default Prime video series, The Bowlingotter Show.

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