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Dead Island Comes to Life on the Big Screen

All of you probably remember the shocking announcement trailer for Dead Island, especially those of you with children. Well, imagine 100 minutes of the same horror displayed on an enormous screen and you’ve got yourself a ‘even years of therapy will never help me get over this’ movie.

Pacemaker alert!

As if imagining a movie like that wasn’t bad enough, try actually going to see it. None other than Lionsgate Studios (now called ‘North Shore Studios’) showed interest in Dead Island. Producer Sean Daniel (The Mummy) agreed to help carry the costs of the production and as a result of that we can safely say that the movie is really coming.

Dead Island has already sold more than 2 million copies and many game critics suspect that this has something to do with the trailer Deep Silver released a few months ago. 10 Million people had already watched the trailer the second day it was circulating on youtube. G4TV even rewarded the trailer with the ‘Best Trailer of all Time’ award.

Not much is known about the scenario as yet but we can assume that it will be about a flock of people who feel they deserve a nice relaxing vacation, only never to return. I personally think that a movie like this should use some comic relief to ease the tension. Ten zombies shaking about on Jackson’s Thriller would be a good start.

For you mole people, check out the infamous Dead Island trailer.


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