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American Gamers are being Underestimated

David Cage, head of game developer Quantic Dream and the brains behind Heavy Rain had a rather curious thing to say a few days back. He found the American gaming mentality a little narrow. In his interview with Develop he said that a strong story should be the core of every great game, rather than just recycling old ideas. He also stated that the American market is afraid of new, bold things and is desperately clinging on to concepts already known to be successful.

Two of Cage’s games had to adjust their names in order to have a chance on the American market. When Quantic Dream wanted to promote their game ‘Nomad Soul’ in America, they were advised to change its name to ‘Omikron: The Nomad Soul’. Fahrenheit shared that fate and was transformed into Indigo Prophecy.

But Cage didn’t stop there, he also added: “The games I make don’t have guns in them, the American gaming industry often has a problem with that. They have this sort of twisted image of the average American gamer, a not very accurate image. They see their audience as a bunch of crazy firearms wielding rednecks.

Quantic Dream is also working on a new project. They want to use the knowledge they have gained during the making of Heavy Rain and create something entirely different and utterly mind-blowing.


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