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SEGA’s Happy. Sonic Generations is Most Pre-Ordered Sonic Game to Date

As much as some of us don’t want to believe it, Sonic Generations looks like a really great game. A lot of people, Sonic fans, and casual Sonic players alike are looking forward to the newest entry in the series. As such, SEGA has gone on to say that Sonic Generations is the most pre-ordered Sonic game ever. Well crap.

“Sonic Generations is the ultimate title to cap off Sonic’s 20th anniversary and we have put our full support behind it with a number of truly amazing initiatives,” said SEGA’s Alan Pritchard. “This year is a milestone for Sonic and we want to make sure this is the best title that Sonic fans, old and new, have been waiting for.”

The most recent demo, specifically the modern Sonic portion of the game, got me excited for Sonic Generations. I love Sonic for one reason: Speed. Platforming is nice and all, but I want to run around like an idiot while yelling, “He’s the fastest thing alive…!!”

Sonic Generations has a release date of November 1st. On that day we’ll all find out if this game is the one to break the Sonic Cycle.

Via [Dtoid]

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