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Dead Island – Bloodbath DLC Announced

Deep Silver announced the Bloodbath Arena DLC for their open world, zombie game, Dead Island.

In Bloodbath Arena, player can either play alone or in co-op to take on wave after wave of zombies. Experience and loot can be acquired and brought over to the main game afterwards. A new weapons has also been revealed, the Brain Wave Bomb and leaderboards have been implemented.

The DLC has a release date of Nov 22nd in NA (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) and Nov 23rd for Europe. Customers who pre-ordered the game way back when will get the DLC  for free; otherwise it will cost you 800 MS Points or $9.99.

I haven’t played Dead Island yet (add that to the list) but I have to wonder if loot will be an issue when you get to a certain point in the Arena DLC. I imagine that things would get so tough that you’ll have to forsake the loot and worry more about yourself and your co-op friends. Then again, loot is important. You never know if that item on the ground is the greatest thing ever (lightsaber) or a piece of junk (broken screwdriver). Did I mention that I haven’t played Dead Island yet? Are lightsabers in the game? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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