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Penny Arcade Makes Light Hearted Comic on Skyward Sword

Penny Arcade has been making comics for the past 12 years on gaming, the internet and all things geeky. They’ve made such an impact on the industry that they have been taking on freelance work for major publishers for some time. I would say this is no exception except they have recently been asked to do a Zelda comic strip.

Mike “Gabe” Krahulik states in his news post

A few months ago Nintendo approached us about doing a project for them. I was interested, but my schedule was full at the time. Then they told us it was Zelda. The business guys were hesitant to put any more work on my plate but I told them I had to do it. Like a little kid offering to do chores I promised I would work late and come in on the weekends. I had to draw Zelda!

Mike Krahulik has been doing some fantasic artwork over the years and I’ve been a HUGE fan ever since I stumbled across Penny Arcade back in 2005. The writing on the other hand has been hit and miss. Penny Arcade’s big draw is the humour and whenever they decide to take a turn into serious street (with the exception of Cardboard Tube Samurai) the writing becomes very very heavy and the story ends prematurely with not enough explanation.

A wallpaper along with the full news post can be found on Monday’s Penny Arcade news page posted by Gabe and the Zelda comic will be updated for the release of Skyward Sword on Sunday.

Via [Penny Arcade]

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