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3DS Ambassador Games Go Live Unannounced

Over the weekend, many 3DS owners were excited to find that the remainder of their promised 3DS ambassador games were in their download lists on the 3DS Shop.  Not only that, but other than the five already announced GBA games, Nintendo actually followed through quite nicely with the remaining titles.  The following free games are as follows–

The games went up Friday without any real fanfare, but I’m sure you can expect to hear from Nintendo formally about this soon, if you haven’t already.  The games are only available to the early 3DS adopters from this Spring and Summer, with Nintendo claiming they have no plans to bring either the NES or GBA games to the Virtual Console on the handheld. Oh well.  At least now 3DS owners can’t complain as much about not having anything to play.  It’d be awesome if those twenty games were just standard, though.

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