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Takara Tommy Arts Rolls Out Zelda Capsule Toys for Summer 2012

The Zelda series hasn’t had it’s fair share of figurines and toys compared to the likes of Mario but Takara Tommy Arts are changing things by releasing 6 toys based off the 3 most popular Zelda iterations; Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and the new Skyward Sword.

The toys are pretty big for capsule toys (5-14cm tall) and the detail is pretty high compared to the typical capsule toy. I especially like the Wind Waker ones. The cel-shaded art style really did translate well into PVC. These toys will be released in June 2012 but you can pre-order them now from Hobby Fan for $34.99 for the whole 6 figure set which isn’t too bad, however this is also a Japanese exclusive so there is shipping to pay as well.

The figures shown are also just prototypes surprisingly so there might be some changes made to them before they are released although they do look damn good as it is so changes will probably be minor.

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