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A Different Kind of Playing: Official Mario and Zelda English Songbooks Available

Anyone worth their salt in the relm of Video Game music will know that Mario and Zelda had some pretty kick ass music. Especially the latter as it was transformed into a beautiful 8 track symphony released with the special edition of Zelda: Skyward Sword last year to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of Zelda and the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess world tour.

Before now you could only really get fan transcribed sheet music or have a butt load of cash and a fluency in moonspeak to understand  the songbooks that were released in Japan, but thanks to Alfred Music Publishing you only need a moderate amount of cash to play these musical classics. Mario certainly drew the longer straw in this case as three of the four books are based off the music in his games whilst Zelda gets the one piano book.

They are priced at $16.99 for the easy to learn piano Super Mario Series and the guitar song book from the same series and $19.99 for the Zelda and other Mario Piano book this time for intermediate to advanced players. Reasonably priced and easily available now for budding musicians; I can see these becoming really popular though now they really need to release a Ocarina of Time: Ocarina songbook with a Ocarina bundle. Seriously they won’t be able to keep those in stock!

Via [Alfred Music Publishing]

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