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Next Coliseum Battle for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Leaked

Have you already taken down Lightning in the previous optional battle and added her to your party;causing a time paradox? Well get ready to head back to the coliseum for a new challenge. Jihl Nabaat (who can fight, apparently) is your new opponent. Don’t remember her? Take a good look at the above picture…

…How about now? Yeah, that person from the first XIII that didn’t really do much. Or does she? I didn’t finish XIII so maybe she showed up at the end and kicked your ass or something.

Square-Enix hasn’t officially announced this yet, but be on the look out for one soon. I’m curious to see how she fights…if at all. I vote that the next coliseum fight be Noctis from the upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That’d be cool.

Via [Gematsu]

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