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Soul-Piercing Michael McDonald Arcade Stick Up for Grabs on eBay

Yeah, you read that right.  Take a look at this thing.  You know you want it.  What you’re looking at is (what I can only assume) is a truly one of a kind custom PS1/PS2 arcade stick emblazoned with the visage of rock legend Michael McDonald as well as image of McDonald throwing a solid Hadouken.  Go ahead, go back and read that one more time.  Then laugh.  Then realize you really want this thing.  That’s what I did.  This custom which has apparently swept many tournaments whilst “harnessing the power of smooth rock” is currently up for bidding for the rest of the week on eBay.  If you think this will be an easy treasure to acquire, think again– as of this post there are already 18 bids up to $72!  Clearly the people know what they’re looking at here.  But the best part is in the item description which recalls the tale of this immaculate conception.

I made this after waking up suddenly at quarter of 5 one morning, bed soaked in sweat, and a higher power made its vision clear to me:  build the world’s first Michael McDonald arcade joystick.  It has six action arcade buttons, plus two buttons on the rear (start and select buttons).  Joystick is four-directional and works well.  Blue button theme to match Michael McDonald’s soul-piercing blue eyes.

It’s times just like these that I wish I truly had a disposable income.  But this has enlightened me to the fact that when I finally acquire an arcade stick, I need to embiggen it with image a similar rock god.  For as they say, true legends never die.

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