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Uncharted 3’s New Game Mode

Naughty Dog announced yesterday that a new game mode for Uncharted 3 will be available in March. The new mode is called the Co-op Shade Survival mode. No further details were given regarding the nature of gameplay within the new mode, but Naughty Dog referred to it as a “fiery new game type” and released one screenshot:

In addition to the announcement of the new game mode next month, new DLC was released today for Uncharted 3. The Multiplayer Flashback Map Pack #2 is now available in the PlayStation Store. The pack is available for $9.99 and gives the players four maps from previous Uncharted games; Plaza, Temple, Train Wreck, and Village. Naughty Dog artists have reworked the lighting effects for every map which they believe will show off the true capabilities of the Uncharted 3 engine.

The trailer for the Flashback Map Pack #2 can be seen below.

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