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Three Dead Zed Competition!

How do you feel about having the chance to win one of three copies of this amazing game for PC? Well, the fine people of Gentleman Squid Studio have kindly provided us with three codes to give away to you lucky people!

All you have to do is tell us what videogame character you would like to be with in a zombie apocalypse and why. For some great examples, listen to this week’s Primecast. We will pick the three best entries and award the codes to the winners.

Simple, huh? So get on with it! You can post your entry in the comments to this post, on the site forums, on the Default Prime Facebook page or on Twitter. If you are tweeting us, make sure to tweet @dpPrimecast with the hashtag #DPrime3DZ. While you are at it on those social networks, make sure you like and follow us as well!

Good luck! We’ll announce the winners in Primecast episode 8 next week.

Video games were a part of Chris's life from the Mega Drive onwards. He has many happy gaming memories, including the first time he collected all the chaos emeralds in Sonic 2, collecting all SSBM's trophies (yes, all of them) and, more recently, collecting far too many platinum trophies on his PlayStation 3. In the real world, he has a degree in French and is currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. Follow him on Twitter @DPrime_Chris

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