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New Uncharted 3 Co-Op Mode Will Have You Fighting Djinn

Remember the Djinn from the latter half of Uncharted 3‘s campaign? They were on fire, could teleport, and we a pain in the ass to deal with at times? Well get ready to fight some more of them, because the Shade Survival Mode coming to Uncharted 3 is all about them.

Announced on the Naughty Dog site, the new mode will have you fighting for your life across eight rounds with progressively harder Djinn, but if you manage to survive until the end, a huge amount of money and experience will be rewarded. New Medals have also been added as well as new objectives. One in particular–The Marked Man round objective–will be one such objective and will have one Djinn marked as the target with all the other Djinn protecting him.

The Shade Survival Mode comes out next Tuesday (The 13th) and will cost you $5.99 or the super low price of free if you’re a member of the Fortune Hunter’s Club.

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