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The Organizer of RetakeME3 Speaks!

To many gamers, Mass Effect is the defining franchise of a generation. With an exciting and varied universe accompanied by the real characters that grow around you, there is no wonder that the final iteration of this space opera was at the top of the wish lists this year for millions of people. Unfortunately after the release of Mass Effect 3 many gamers felt not only dissatisfied, but cheated after a conclusion to an overall wonderful experience that was quick, confusing and didn’t allow players to have the same level of ‘choice’ the Mass Effect franchise is famous for.

One of those gamers is Eric, who with the help of thousands contributing to a unifying voice created the RetakeME3 movement . Since its inception the organization has made headlines around the world – with well over 50 thousand members and tens of thousands of dollars donated to charity, the hard work of thousands wanting more has dispelled initial concerns that the group was merely “a vocal minority of  petulant gamers.”

I had a chance to sit down and talk to Eric about what’s next for the movement, Enjoy.

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