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Otter Glance | Afterfall: Insanity

It’s the debut of a new segment of The Bowlingotter Show!

In Otter Glance, Bowlingotter begins a video game he hasn’t yet played and narrates the experience while he plays. He gets to check the game out for the first time along with you in real time!

At the end of the episode, the game is then given one of three ratings; “Definitely,” in which he is excited to play the game again; “Maybe,” where he’s interested but might put other games ahead of it; and “Hell No,” where he has absolutely no desire to play the game again.

The first Otter Glance looks at Afterfall: Insanity, a title in the survival-horror genre.

Matt is a lifetime gamer from his humble beginnings with the Atari 2600. He is also the host of the Default Prime video series, The Bowlingotter Show.

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