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Primecast Episode 11, “Hey John”

Good evening listners, especially those of you on the West Coast where it is still technically evening.  You know what really sucks?  Skype.  Skype pretty much mangled the first half of the show, but I assure you the second half came out awesome.  And in that second half, we discuss April Fools stunts and our favorite easter eggs and joke in games.  And I destroy John to take over as the host for the second half, once again proving my dominance as the better John.

Take a listen, subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us if you want, and follow us on twitter and whatnot.  All the links are below.  Get to it!

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John Callahan – @jcallahan
Chris Stewart – @DPrime_Chris
Alex Carlson – @postmesmeric
John-Charles Holmes – @Sonic9jct
R.M. – @themakster
Matt Buckley – @bowlingotter

Salamat pagi, readers.

John-Charles is an avid video game enthusiast who loves games with strong story, smart design, and a lick of fun. He's very hopeful for the future where others are doubtful and looks back on retro games with fond memories. With a long history with games, both old and new, he tends to Defaullt Prime's veritable museum of games, The Bitereon Collection, with a new entry every week. He's also a studying engineer turned communications with an eye for design. He also thinks cartoons are neat.

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