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Sonic 4 Episode II Brings Back Old School and New School Tails Co-Op

After the critical success of Sonic Generations, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Sega is trying to go back to their retro roots as much as possible with the second “episode” of their downloadble Sonic 4 games.  On top of adopting a Sonic 2 style physics engine, Sega also announced that Tails would be a co-op partner over the duration of Sonic 4.  He appears to function very similarly with Tails providing a lift via his trademark twin flying tails and even using this same technique underwater to propel and lift Sonic to unreachable areas.  The two can even perform some cooperative special moves under the right circumstances, such as joining forces to tumble through enemies or create a super charged Spin dash.

The co-op will be playable both locally and online (which leads me to wonder if player 2 will see his own screen when playing online) and can be controller by the player when playing alone.

Is this sort of old school news enough to get “hardcore” Sonic fans back on the blue bandwagon, or will they just stick with Generations for now for their old school kicks?

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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