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Twisted Pixel’s Next Game is LocoCycle, Has Cycles, No Loco Confirmed yet

Twisted Pixel, makers of indie classics Splosion Man and The Gunslinger, are returning once more to the 360 with the announcement of their next game, LocoCycle at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.  From the looks of the trailer, this game could be a more serious in tone, featuring a smooth and sleek looking black and blue bike.  Are we looking at an action game?  A racing game?  An arcade game?  Only time will tell.  Microsoft is definitely trying to define their console with some exclusive games of their own besides Halo, and as history has shown, Twisted Pixel might be just the guys to put Microsoft back on the iconic map.

John-Charles is an avid video game enthusiast who loves games with strong story, smart design, and a lick of fun. He's very hopeful for the future where others are doubtful and looks back on retro games with fond memories. With a long history with games, both old and new, he tends to Defaullt Prime's veritable museum of games, The Bitereon Collection, with a new entry every week. He's also a studying engineer turned communications with an eye for design. He also thinks cartoons are neat.

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