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Dead Space 3 Has Co-Op and Snow

After a week of leaks, rumors, and confirmations, its officially official– Dead Space 3 is a thing.  And Isaac Clarke won’t be going it alone, either.  For the first time, co-operative gameplay will be available in the story of Dead Space 3, with a mysterious red-suited stranger for Isaac’s partner.  The game also changes things up by putting the players on an icy and open Nercomorph planet.  This is a huge shift in gameplay style from the cramped settings of the first two games.  There also seems to be something new in the form of (some rather blue collar) banter between the two players.  More details to come down the road.  Stay tuned.

John-Charles is an avid video game enthusiast who loves games with strong story, smart design, and a lick of fun. He's very hopeful for the future where others are doubtful and looks back on retro games with fond memories. With a long history with games, both old and new, he tends to Defaullt Prime's veritable museum of games, The Bitereon Collection, with a new entry every week. He's also a studying engineer turned communications with an eye for design. He also thinks cartoons are neat.

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