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$99 Xbox 360 Program Expanding Locations

A few months ago Microsoft announced that there would be a $99 Xbox 360 bundle. Included in the bundle is a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect, 2 year Xbox LIVE subscription, and 24 months of Xbox LIVE Gold at $14.99 per month. At the point in time of the original announcement, this bundle was only available at certain Microsoft stores throughout the US. Microsoft has confirmed that the pilot program is being expanded and the $99 bundle will be available at Best Buy and select Game Stop locations later this month.

The timing and amount of Xbox 360’s available will both be limited. Microsoft is still stressing that this program is in the development (or pilot) stages still and they interested to see the consumer demand for the product. This bundle is cheaper in up-front costs, however, over the course of its 24 month cycle is $40 more than buying the console and LIVE subscriptions straight up.

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