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(Fan) Trailer of Majora’s Mask for WiiU Teases The Internet During E3

Earlier today was the Nintendo Press Conference and while the 3DS gamers have something to look forward to many prospective WiiU fans have been disappointed with no news of Zelda, Star Fox, F Zero or Metroid. But at least we’ll have a the Nintendo Land attractions to tide us over for those respective franchises.

Whether fan made or a possible leak at Nintendo a trailer showcasing a HD remake of Majora’s Mask has been spotted on youtube. It shows a Deku Scrub link interacting with the Happy Mask Salesmen with gears and cogs of clock town spinning in the background.

Majora’s Mask was certainly one of the most dark and ambitious of any of Nintendo’s line up of games as the freaky imagery and bizarre events that occur lead the 9 year old me to be intrigued yet scared out of my wits. This game is so infamous that it contributed to one of the greatest creepypasta stories out there on the net.

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