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Rumor: Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Content Detailed

We’ve heard next to nothing about BioWare’s attempt to make their ending to Mass Effect 3 ‘right’, aside from the fact that it’ll be coming out this Summer. Now, due to a post on Reddit, we may have a idea of what additional stuff we can expect from the upcoming content from BioWare. Specifically, more stuff for the Galaxy at War Multiplayer:

I still stand by my claim that BioWare should do more stuff for the multiplayer other than wave-based fights, but you have to admit that they’re at least supporting what we’ve been given so far. Sure, I still haven’t gotten any of the recently released characters, but I think I’m in the mood for a new human character to fall in love with (the Sentinel is pretty awesome). Provided I’m lucky enough to actually get one in one of those packs!

Anyway, none of this is official, but IGN did note that the poster on Reddit looks to be the same person who revealed the Rebellion Expansion. The guy seems to be on a roll.

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