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Vidjagames with Alex Carlson – Episode 01: Dish…Washa!

While some games remain forgotten, others will rise from the ashes and get the spotlight in Default Prime’s newest video series, Vidjagames with Alex Carlson!

Check out the pilot episode where the blood spills like fountains in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile for Xbox Live Arcade, the game that was set aside in favor of other XBLA games in 2011.

Look for upcoming episodes on the SlackrMedia Youtube page:

It began with a hand-me-down Sega Genesis from his cousin and since then, he's been fascinated with video games. He enjoys the blissful platforming of the 16-bit era and the rich adventures of the 64-bit era. Favorite games include Metroid Prime, Banjo-Tooie, and practically every 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog title.

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