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Two New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots To Keep Us Content

We’ve haven’t heard or seen anything else from Grand Theft Auto V since it got a trailer way back when; and Rockstar is fully aware of that. In an ‘Asked & Answered’ post on Rockstar’s website, they addressed the lack of proper news regarding GTAV and that they’re not doing it because they don’t like their fans. As an apology, they did manage to give use two new screenshots though. Fair trade?

We are sorry if you find this frustrating, but please understand, we don’t do this because we ‘don’t care about our fans’ ‘don’t respect our fans’ ‘hate GTA fans etc’ – precisely the opposite! We do it because we want to make sure we only release 100% correct information, and because we want to keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it. The only things we care about are that you enjoy the experience of actually playing the game and that we release accurate information.

I suppose this is one of those times where a game may have been shown too soon, then when it seems to go MIA for a while, people start wondering what’s going on. It is nice to see that Rockstar acknowledged the lack of updates and even gave a decent reason explaining it all.

Still, at the end of the day: new screenshots to stare at! Look at that view!

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