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Win a 3DS XL by Taking a Video Game Quiz at 3DS Buzz

Are you one of those people that is so full of video game knowledge that you are just waiting for somebody to ask when Battletoads on the NES came out just so you can ask “North America or Japan” to show everybody that you know when it came out in both countries? Well, our friends at 3DS Buzz are having a competition for all of you video game fans that will test your knowledge of video games against anybody else who wants to compete in the hopes of winning a brand new 3DS XL when they are released.

There will be 30 questions that will test your video game knowledge from the 1970’s to now, and they are going to extra lengths to make sure that the questions are something that aren’t easy enough to lookup on Google while you’re taking the quiz.

3DS Buzz is also giving away 2 of the 3DS XL consoles. One of them will be going to the person with the most correct answers for the quiz, and the other one will go to the person with the most correct answers for the quiz representing a video game website. That means that if you run a video game website or blog, you can enter under that and have an even higher chance of winning as less people will be competing.

You can check out all of the details on the competition at, and we hope you tune in as we will be on June 21st to try and win the new video game console from Nintendo.

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