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Here’s Some Resident Evil 6 Gameplay From Comic-Con

More footage has been released from Resident Evil 6 that was shown comes to us from this year’s Comic-Con. We’ve got three separate videos featuring the three separate campaigns and the different gameplay styles they each contain; they all still have some amount of shooting, but only Leon’s has actual zombies. Fancy that.

First up is Chris Redfield as he and his team explore a rundown building, but end up encountering a giant invisible snake. It’s kinda funny how Chris gameplay is supposed to be more action-oriented, but not a lot happens thsi time around. I also get the feeling that Chris’ campaign is going to be the weakest of the three. At least, judging by what’s be shown so far.

Next up why see Leon as he and Helena travel through an underground train tunnel filled with zombies that somehow found their way down there as well. Feel free to critique the person playing because, let’s face it, they could’ve done a tiny bit better with the shooting and the prompts to kick zombies away.

Finally, we have new guy Jake and his companion Sherry teaming up with Leon and Helena (4-player co-op!) as they all try to take down the baddie that Jake was fighting in the demo from not too long ago. Apparently, bullets don’t bother him too much. I think he may like them.

Resident Evil 6 has a release date of October 2nd.

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